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Rolec EV Charger for Home

Rolec EV Chargers From £1000 + VAT

The smarter, greener, cost-effective EV charger for your home.

Rolec Ev Charger Installations Hertfordshire


Looking for a cost-effective solution that can save you money on your yearly energy bills? Rolec’s ev charger collection of electric vehicle chargers does just that. By pairing it up with the app you’re always in control of how you charge your electric vehicle to ensure that you’re getting the best value of money for your energy bills.

secure lock system Secure Lock System
automatic load management system Automatic Load Management System
No Earth Rod Required No Earth Rod Required
Solar compatible Solar Compatible
Smartphone Controlled Smartphone Controlled
boost charging Boost Charging
Energy Tariff driven charging Energy Tariff Driven Charging

Rolec EV Chargers From £1000 + VAT

Powerful Smart Car Charging App

So how does it work? With its easy-to-use and easy setup, the app gives you full control over your EV charging. The smart app automatically captures off-peak rates by smart charging your car and instantly integrates any home energy tariff. It’s the easy way to save money and reduce your carbon emissions when charging your EV.

Thinking of getting a Smart Home Rolec EV charging point? Contact us today to discuss any specific requirements with our helpful, friendly team.

How it works

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1. Book a survey

Contact us to arrange a visit from our estimation team. We'll give you the most accurate quote.
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2. We install your charger

After the survey of your property we install the right charger for you, so you can join the electrical revolution.
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3. Enjoy EV Power from Home

Now you have the convenience of being able to charge your vehicle from home, just plug in.
Our Accreditation

Why Choose A&D EV Charger Installations


With Over30 Years
With over 30 years of collective experience, we’ve been providing greener solutions for vehicles for customers for four years. Our wealth of experience has seen us recognised by the government, and has seen us registered by OLEV.


We never install EV chargers without performing our free on-site survey. This is to ensure you get the most cost-effective charger for your vehicle and property. To cover any manufacturing faults we provide no labour fees.

Our Promise

Being registered members of OLEV, NICEIC and Checkatrade, all our clients will gain reassurance from receiving the right electric vehicle (EV) charging port that fits their needs. All our installations are done with the highest of standards and on time.